We improve government and civil society, not politics.

We are founded upon the desire to serve the common good through technology.

YesBenin is a network of doers, people who want to make the Republic of Benin a better place.

We believe in a prosperous, sustainable, and equitable Benin, driven by good policy and citizen engagement, and enabled through civic technology. We are a network of professionals dedicated to solving societal problems using information technology..

Solution Provider

We bring innovators, civic technologists & e-Business experts together to make life better for Beninois.

Solution Investor

We bring innovators, civic technologists, e-Business experts & investors together to make life better for Beninois.

Solution Education & Training

We offer courses, training, and workshops to help governments, community groups, and entrepreneurs.


Do You Want To Help Build A Better Future?


Mamadeee.com realizes the immense stress and hassles that can be involved in planning for events and thus was made on the foundation of providing our customers with excellent event planning, execution, and evaluation. 

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DoyinGo.com is a marketplace where buyers can purchase commercial surplus inventory, bank and government liquidation assets in an online environment. We sell by the container, truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. Our wide variety of product categories includes apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment’s, vehicles, and much more.

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Facture365.com is a product of IO Systemes Benin an information system company originated from Quebec Canada devoted to the development of IT solutions that solves real society problems in West Africa. Facture365 is the first online bill payment platform to serve eight French-speaking West African countries.

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Meet the YesBenin team

We're a group of passionate people trying to make our vision of using information technology to create solutions that will solve societal problems a reality.
  • Ismail Jolasun Founder
  • Ola Jolasun Co-Founder


Our Work Is Made Possible Through Partnerships With the Following Organisations:

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